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A love of Vespas' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
A love of Vespas

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wooo [June 11 (%12h%%:37a)]


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125 leader engine [May 01 (%12h%%:51a)]

hi all, does anyone know if the standard 125 leader engine I have in my piaggio zip will go into my old 1998 ET4 chassis? I am pretty sure they are near enough the same engine apart from a few electrics. oh the zip is 2002
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New Member's First Post [November 14 (%12h%%:01p)]

Finally decided to look up vespa interests as I begin my great restoration project of my one true love, The Vespa. More specifially, MY The Vespa. =D And with a name like vespa_love, how could I not join immediately?
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not vespas, but still scooters [June 23 (%12h%%:46a)]


These guys are kind of big jackasses, but it's still funny.
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[February 22 (%12h%%:50p)]

I know I must sound like a moron, but I have some questions about Vespas.

Do they do well going uphill?
What is the least expenisive price that I could pay for a good used one?
What kind of gas mileage do they get?
How fast can you go in them? (I think the new ones are supposed to be 75mph, but I could be wrong, just want to make sure)
Could I travel longish trips, such as 91 miles with a Vespa?

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a sad day [January 28 (%12h%%:57a)]

Today is a sad day. I am selling my beloved Vespa ET4 to a guy from Arizona. I'd like to keep it, but I barely have room for my car, much less my car, my new motorcycle, and my scooter. Farewell, friend!

I just don't know if I can bring myself to remove the patch. ;__;

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because we all have our favorites;; [January 26 (%12h%%:55p)]
[ mood | envious ]

Just joined because, seriously, Vespas are The Love.

& follow the yellow brick road..Collapse )

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ET4!!!! [January 12 (%12h%%:55p)]

[ mood | sad ]

hi all,
looks like I'm going to have to sell my scooter!!! :(
its an et4 and the third scooter I've had, ( second et4) I know I haven't used it much in the last 6 months but when I get rid of it I'm going to miss it like hell!!!,especially in the summer :(
Any idea how much I could get for it?it's a 2001 model btw with the vespa screen on the front,

damn im gonna miss it :(

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:) [December 16 (%12h%%:48a)]

i love vespas i want one for christmas!! :) i hope it comes true
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hello [September 04 (%12h%%:55p)]

Hello. I am a new member here. I have a relatively new Vespa, which I know is considered a crime by many, but I enjoy it and ride it as my main commuter vehicle during the week. It's a 2001 ET4. A lot of the trim pieces have been replaced with chrome. The only performance modification is a Cito exhaust. I drive it in SoCal, but I still wear a riding jacket and gloves for a little extra protection just in case some dude in a massive SUV launches me.

Read more...Collapse )
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Hmmm.. [April 24 (%12h%%:22a)]

[ mood | curious ]

I saw The Interpreter tonight, and I think Nicole Kidman was riding a vespa. Can anyone confirm/deny this?

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vintage-ness [April 03 (%12h%%:19a)]

[ mood | okay ]

i came across a bunch of vintage vespa pictures and adds.

old school vespaCollapse )

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Hehe. [April 02 (%12h%%:14a)]
I think Jude Law looks soooo awesome on a Vepsa! He is like SO fine and my idol. What other celebrities do you think would look hot on a vespa? I have to say Gwen Stefani and Tim McGraw!
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Hi! [April 01 (%12h%%:47p)]
I'm new here. I'm so glad there is finally a community for vespas, they are my greatest love! I actually have five vespas. I know it's kind of going overboard but I just can't help myself. Anyone go to Vespa USA? That's probably my favorite site. My newest vespa is the Vespa PX 150! Here's a description:

No need to adjust your monitor, and no, you haven't gone back in time. This is the real deal, the original, the legendary, the classic PX, back in the U.S. after a 20+ year hiatus.* These brand new Vespas may have just come off the production line, but they're classic PX. Maintaining its original design and technical innovation, it is the only choice for those who want the traditional four-speed gear shift and a design that never goes out of style.

It was hard to get my hands on one of these babies. So, what vespas do you all have or want?
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